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Bayside Berkeley: A Stroll Around the Berkeley Marina and Cesar Chavez Park

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This mostly flat hike takes you over the Berkeley bicycle-pedestrian bridge and around the western-most land of Berkeley to visit the Berkeley Marina, Cesar Chavez Park, and part of Eastshore State Park. Much of the route is on paved paths, making it a good rainy season destination. It’s also an ideal hike for summer days when you want to escape the heat further inland. This route includes views across the Bay, boat watching opportunities, and birds and other wildlife.

Places visited: Berkeley Marina, Cesar Chavez Park, Eastshore State Park (portion)
Approximate Length: 8 miles (9 miles total with optional side trip; also see notes for shorter version starting from Berkeley Amtrak station)
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Map: Berkeley Marina, Cesar Chavez Park
Terrain: Mostly flat
Transit Schedule: BART
Start and end point: North Berkeley BART

Getting to the start point:

  • From San Francisco, take a Richmond BART train to North Berkeley station.
  • From the Peninsula and South Bay, take Caltrain to the Millbrae station. Transfer to BART and board the SF/SFO/Bay Point train (on weekends). Transfer to a Richmond train at 12th Street/Oakland City Center, and take the train to North Berkeley station. (On weekdays, you do not need to transfer BART trains; a direct Richmond train leaves from Millbrae.)
  • From the East Bay, take a Richmond BART train to North Berkeley station. (If you are on the Pittsburg/Bay Point or Dublin/Pleasanton lines, you will need to transfer to a Richmond train.)
  • From the North Bay, take Golden Gate Transit (GGT) Route 42 (from the San Rafael Transit Center) to El Cerrito Del Norte BART. Take a Fremont or San Francisco BART train two stops south to North Berkeley station.


  • If you would like to pick up some lunch for a picnic, Sea Breeze Market and Deli is a convenient option along this route. You will pass the market when you cross over the pedestrian/bicycle bridge on your way to the Marina. On 4th Street between University and Addison is Grocery Outlet, a discount grocery store. Several restaurants can be found along 4th Street in West Berkeley. You will pass some of them on your route; continue north of Delaware for one block for more options.
  • This route starts from BART, which is convenient for people coming from most parts of the Bay Area. If you are near an Amtrak Capitol Corridor station, you could take the train to the Berkeley station and start the hike from this point in the directions instead. The hike will be a couple of miles shorter, but just as pleasant.
  • The Berkeley Kite Festival is a popular annual event held at Cesar Chavez Park in the summer. If you would like to watch some kite-flying and don’t mind crowds, you may wish to do this hike on the weekend of the event.


  • Turn right as you exit the North Berkeley BART station and then head out along the driveway towards the sidewalk.
  • Turn right at the street, which is Delaware.
  • Cross Acton and continue straight on Delaware.
  • Cross Franklin Street and West Street. West Street on your right is a section of the Santa Fe Right-of-Way rail trail that is walkable but not yet finished. If you look across the street to your left, you will see a paved section of the trail that (when completed) will travel from South Berkeley up to connect with the Ohlone Greenway.
  • Continue straight, crossing Chestnut, Curtis, the major intersection of San Pablo, and 10th Street.
  • At 9th Street, cross to the other side of the street and continue walking on Delaware Street.
  • Cross 8th and 7th street, continuing straight on Delaware.  At 6th, the sidewalk has been replaced by a wooden walkway. Between 7th and 4th streets, you will see some of the oldest buildings in Berkeley from when this neighborhood was unincorporated Ocean View.
  • At 4th Street, turn left.
  • Walk along this busy stretch of 4th Street, crossing Hearst and University. At University, you pass the Amtrak station on your right (if you are taking Capitol Corridor, this is your starting point).
  • Turn right at the next block, Addison Street. Pass the Takara Sake factory (open to the public for tastings and tours) and carefully cross the railroad tracks.
  • When Addison Street ends at Bolivar, turn right. (The body of water on your left is the Berkeley Aquatic Park.)
  • Start to head up onto the sidewalk of the bicycle/pedestrian bridge, watching carefully for cyclists.
  • Walk across the bridge, stopping for views below if you like.
  • Continue on the path that takes you down from the bridge to meet with the Bay Trail path below.
  • Turn left at the path (heading north), watching carefully for cyclists.
  • Pass the Sea Breeze Market on your left.
  • Just past the market, turn left at University.
  • Walk along the left shoulder for a very short distance, and then head onto the dirt path that hugs the water.
  • Here you will follow the curves of the path, staying close to the shoreline on your left.
  • Pass the Cal Sailing Club, Adventure Playground (a unique playground where children can use tools and work on building projects), and Shorebird Park and Nature Center (a straw bale building), all on your right.
  • Continue to hug the shoreline as it heads right, and then around a point past Hs Lordships restaurant.
  • Past the restaurant, you will continue on the path as it makes a sharp turn and heads back the other way from the point. Here you continue to hug the shoreline, keeping it on your left.
  • When you arrive at the Berkeley Fishing Pier, note the concrete sundial. Here you may wish to take the optional side trip out the pier.

Optional side trip out to the end of the half-mile-long Berkeley Fishing Pier:

  • Turn left at the pier and head out to the end.
  • At the end of the pier, you can see pier remains and views of Treasure Island and San Francisco.
  • When you are ready, turn around and head back to the start of the pier. Turn left to continue on the main route.

End optional side trip

  • Continue straight past the pier and past the restaurant on your left. On your right is Horseshoe Park.
  • At the point and the yacht club, turn right and continue following the shore. On your left is the Berkeley Yacht Harbor.
  • Follow the shore as it curves left past the harbor.
  • Turn left past a wide open dock area to continue hugging the shore and harbor area.
  • Pass the Doubletree Hotel on your right and Hornblower Yachts on your left.
  • Continue to hug the shore as it turns left and parallels Spinnaker Way.
  • At the T, you can turn left and walk briefly for a view back where you started walking around the yacht harbor. Or, just turn right and continue hugging the shoreline.
  • Pass a parking area on your right, and continue straight along the shore.
  • On your right past the parking area is Cesar Chavez Park. A number of other paths crisscross this park (feel free to explore if you like); this route stays on the path along the shore.
  • When you reach the northwest corner of this park, take the loop to the left for the best views.
  • Continue hugging the shore along the northern border of the park.
  • At the bend, stay right and start heading south along the shore. There are other view spots along here, but (depending on the time of year) they may be closed due to wildlife restoration/conservation efforts.
  • Continue south past the Cesar Chavez Park entrance sign.
  • Begin passing a parking area on your right.
  • Pass a dirt trail that heads out along shore to your left, and continue south.
  • At the sign for Eastshore State Park, turn left and pass through the gate onto the dirt trail.
  • Pass a viewing area on your right and continue on the main trail as it starts to veer right to meet University Avenue.
  • Pass through the gate at the other end of Eastshore State Park.
  • Stay right and carefully cross University Avenue, heading towards the Sea Breeze Market.
  • Continue straight past the market and parking lot.
  • Turn right and start heading up the path to the bicycle/pedestrian bridge.
  • Walk over the bridge and down to the other side.
  • Follow Bolivar left and then right.
  • Turn left at Addison Street.
  • Turn left at 4th Street.
  • Turn right at Delaware Street (or continue north on 4th Street for one block first to see the rest of the food options and businesses).
  • If you have the time and energy here, you can vary your route back to the BART station to see a bit more of West Berkeley. If you want to keep it simple, continue straight on Delaware Street, all the way to the BART station.
  • When you reach the corner of Delaware and Acton, turn diagonally left into the parking lot and cross to the station.
  • Congratulations, you made it!
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    amazing wildlife pic. joe’s?

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